Globalscape Partner Program

Globalscape Partners are industry-leading companies offering a range of products and services that complement the Globalscape portfolio of solutions. By working with Globalscape, our Partners are able to offer their customers end-to-end solutions that provide security, governance, compliance, and visibility required for all of their business interactions.

Our Partners receive assistance and resources from our top-notch support team throughout the sales cycle. We pride ourselves on delivering the marketing resources, logistical support, and technical training in order to promote our Partners and help them succeed in their specific markets.

The Partner Sales Team has years of experience with sales, development, and managed file transfer technology. They work closely with our Partners to ensure that they receive the support necessary to drive success with our solutions. We provide our Partners with training, deal registration, deal protection, demand-generation resources, pre-sales support, co-op marketing, and much more.

Why become a Globalscape Partner?

  •   Attractive deal registration incentives
  •   Dedicated support
  •   Strong lead generation and market development funds
  •   More satisfied customers

Provide customers with award-winning solutions that are:

  •   Secure and reliable
  •   Simple to use and implement
  •   Highly customizable